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Mr.Elias provides the highest quality service. we have everything to guarantee the best results ever:

  • Modern equipment
  • Free private parking
  • Exclusive attention to details
  • Undeniable service experience

Once you step in, your needs are our priority. Waste no more time searching for a reliable barber shop in Amsterdam. Come visit Mr.Elias Barbershop and let us take care of your desired look. Whether you want to look great for your wedding day or simply impress them at your next interview, we guarantee a five star service and experience for each client.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. You'll be leaving our barbershop the envy of all men in Amsterdam.

Get €5 OFF on your first haircut

Get €5 OFF From Regular Price €26,50 Valid for New Customers Only.If you happen to be in Amsterdam and you need a quick shave & cut for a very affordable price walk into Mr.Elias Barbershop


our prices

  • Buzz cut (fade) (30 min) €20,50
  • Knippen, wassen en drogen (40 min) €26,50
  • Knippen, wassen, drogen en baard trimmer (50 min) €30,50
  • Beard trim (15 min) €8,00
  • Luxurious Beard trim (30 min) €18,00
  • Gezichtsbehandeling + oorkaarsen (40 min) €30,50
  • Gezichtshaar waxen (20 min) €10,00
  • Cover 5 €17,50
  • Glad lux scheren hoofd (30 min) €20,50
  • Glad lux scheren baard (30 min) €18,50
  • Buzz cut zonder opzetstuk (30 min) €10,50
  • Kinderen tot/m15 jaar (40 min) €15,00
  • Thuis knippen €50,00
  • Invalide mensen €30,00

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